Resonating with your audience

How to click with your readers

When you put out content you need to make sure that it hits a need of your audience. You need to be in direct contact with them to find out what they want, so build rapport and ask them about their troubles, frustrations and aspirations. Always imbue it with your personality and perspective, but always start with what they need, and then put your spin on it.

Position yourself as a beacon of light and the giver of wisdom, but don’t be tempted to try and trick anybody because you can’t. People aren’t stupid — they will be able to see straight through you. You genuinely need to become a master of what you’re teaching. There is no way around it. Do the fucking work, and when you’re ready the content will flow out of you effortlessly.

If you are the slightest bit insecure about what you are saying they will be able to tell. Nobody wants to follow a fucking anxious wreck, and so you need confidence and superb reasoning. To get to that position of mastery and authority you need to practice speaking the truth. You need to cleanse your mind such that you don’t hesitate to tell anybody what you’re thinking at any given time.

Say what’s on your mind, and give the best reasons you can as to why that’s the case. It won’t always be perfect, but the honesty is what’s important. As time goes on you can refine your thoughts and your arguments. Admit the things that you don’t know and educate the shit out of yourself. You can’t be pretentious. Be honest with yourself and your audience and don’t look for shortcuts. It’s an enormous relief when you have nothing to hide.

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