Tips on How to Choose the Right Bean Bag Chair for You

Cozy, comfortable and yet light, and sophisticated chair to put in the living room.


Today beanbags are the rage coming in stunning range and attractive colours and sizes as big as to accommodate your entire family. Bean bag furniture can be used to furnish almost any room in your home, from the family room or den to a kids’ playroom. They are incredibly comfortable and soft, providing a great place to relax and unwind. Versatile, long wearing, ‘child proof,’ portable, practical and fun are keywords used in describing bean bag chairs, and why they remain popular in so many households — especially those with children. They will help you relax and are especially great for easing back or neck pain. Think of it as your own personal masseuse.

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Plan a particular place in your living room to place the bean bags that can be used for various activities like watching tv, lounging with your friends, snoring and the like. The quality, compression and firmness of the bean bag depend on the kind of material stuffed. It is typically made out of fabric and other soft materials. Materials like bead beans, polystyrene beads, Styrofoam or PVC pellets are used for the stuffing. If you’re planning for an eco-friendly living room, you can opt for the 100% recycled polystyrene bean bag. This is the best fill bean bag to provide a comfortable seating and resist the weight and compression without shrinking.

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It’s not just about size. The right shape is important in bean bag selection. Some standard shapes are:
- To really rest your back and stretch your legs out in the front, check out the pear or teardrop shaped bean bag. This shape provides good back support and is specially helpful for tall leggy loungers and for kicking back with a book.
- The sack shaped bean bag is a deeply deep sinkable shape, which is designed to envelop you, ideal for snoozing and late night TV watching.
- The flat pancake shaped bean bag is a handy multi-purpose furniture piece to have around, it can double up as a desk or table when needed. Plus it can easily accommodate two people. One can easily lie down on it as well.
- A flatter and lower-to-the-ground variant of the pancake bean bag is the cylindrical bean bag. This is a very lounging style similar in shape to a couch.
Kiddie bean bags have the most interesting shapes, from suns, flowers and animals (birds, dolphins) to the faces of popular animated characters.
- The pillow shaped bean bag is basically a giant pillow. Some can be flattened completely to act as mattresses, others can be kneaded and pulled into various shapes. This style is also large enough to accommodate two people.
- The chair shaped bean bag is a smart style, where you can sit on the softest, cushiest chair around. A complete back support, a soft smaller couch, a perfect gaming chair.. the chair design is perfect for a small apartment or as kiddie furniture.

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Bean bags chairs are available in sizes ranging from small to extra large. Children’s bean bag chairs are just the right size to encourage sitting and reading or to keep them comfortable while watching a DVD. Large bean bag chairs are ideal for adults and are made from more sturdy materials to withstand the extra weight. Giant bean bag chairs accommodate two or more adults, and they can be used for parties or a night in watching television or listening to music.

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Prints and Colors

Chairs come in all manner of prints and colors. There are chairs with leopard and zebra prints, ornate paintings, flat colors, shiny colors, stripes and textures, and virtually anything else you can imagine. It is also possible to have a custom-made cover that can be zippered over your existing bean bag to give it a fresh, unique appearance.

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For extra room at parties

If you entertain guests a lot, or are always up for hosting a house party, you need extra seating, but probably not all the time. For such cases, a classic teardrop bean bag is the best pick. People can drag it to a spot they want, adjust it to their liking depending on whether they want to use it as a chair or as a recliner and once the party is over, you can stack it in a spare room or flatten it out and store it under your bed.

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