Best Lighting for Garage: metal halide & fluorescent replacement with LED

A recent US research discovers that about 50% of citizens own a garage. Among them, they use different types of garage lighting such as LED, fluorescent and metal halide lamps. Which one is the best? We can define good quality by using different parameter such as energy saving and life cycle. After reading this chapter, you will know whether you have to do fluorescent or metal halide replacement for garage lights with LED.

In 2018, the quality of LED lighting for garage has been increased rapidly. After replacing metal halide lamps, the energy efficiency can raise to 150 lumens / watt. Since the fluorescent has only 80 to 100 lumen / watt luminous efficiency, using the LED as the light source for the work lights in garage is a better choice. Also, we can reduce the use of toxic chemicals inside the lights. If the fluorescent breaks, it will cause leakage of mercury vapor and thus harm of lives, and the MH garage lights contain many heavy metals.

Led garage lights is a trend nowadays because of the highest life span among the alternatives. For your information, the life span of LED, metal halide and fluorescent are 85000, 10000 and 30000 hours respectively. The solid-stage LED light has longer life span because of its good heat dissipation system. The heat can be trapped inside the light if improper heat sink is installed. The above manufacturer installs the circular fins. This extension has very large media for heat dissipation. Besides, the heat generation during operation of LED garage flood lights is very less when comparing to MH lamps. Only 5% of energy is used for heat generation.

To conclude, fluorescent and metal halide replacement for garage lighting is the best solutions. For much info, you can get access to the above link to retrieve the contact info.

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