Jackson Wong
Jan 16, 2018 · 2 min read

Kucoin’s Sichuan Address

  • Their Operating Address: China (Sichuan) Free Trade Zone Chengdu High-tech Zone, Tianfu Avenue North section 1700, Unit 7, Unit 1, 16th Floor, №1605.
  • https://www.tianyancha.com/company/3070215618
  • As some people say they can’t open the Chinese link, I will screen shot it here.

Don’t be fooled by their Hong Kong mailbox address

  • Don’t get fooled. They don’t operate in Hong Kong as they alleged.
  • Their Hong Kong address is merely a virtual mailbox address.
  • Per their company search in the Company Registry of Hong Kong, their so called Hong Kong company address is nothing but a virtual office/mailbox address provided by a company secretarial company called Smart Team Secretarial Limited. (Notice that KuCoin’s HK address is exactly the same as this another company secretarial company, which provides virtual office/mailbox service.) Meaning KuCoin has no real presence in Hong Kong.
  • As you will see in the above site. All their hirings of service operators are in Sichuan of China, with a salary of 4000–7000 RMB. In Hong Kong, the minimum wage is about 13,000 HKD which is about 10,708 RMB. (Except for domestic helpers.) So they aren’t operating in Hong Kong, and will be subject to the next China crackdown.
  • Get out before it hits.

News Clipping — China: After Banning Exchanges, Authorities Move To Close ‘Exchange-Like Services’

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