A Cache of Cool Junk

Notes on a dream I had on August 7, 2016

A box of “Free!” crap as seen in Park Slope. (Photo by Jack Szwergold; Taken June 15, 2013)

Somehow I’m wandering around some neighborhood that somewhat well to do but superficially a bit gritty. Something like South Park Slope.

It’s trash day and someone has tossed out piles of interesting looking stuff. The first thing I notice is an old, nice wall mirror. Like a small bathroom mirror with decorative edges. A corner cracked off, but the rest is fine and I am thinking of taking it. But then I notice other stuff like old audio gear and small parts for things. The fir

I start rummaging through the stuff and find cool stuff like old boom box speakers, nice wires/cables and even some unused vintage audio cassettes still in cases. As I’m looking through the stuff I realize most of it won’t fit in the bag I have, when suddenly some guy taps me on the shoulder.

It turns out he’s the guy who tossed the stuff out and he has a nice sized bag for me for the stuff. “Cool stuff, right?” he says and then starts digging through stuff and finds stuff he shows me. “Look!” he says as he show me some gold meshed screens. They are tiny. Not as small as pipe screens, but a bit larger and square. “Gold, my friend. Gold.” he says as he takes them, puts them in a small bag and hands it to me.

I put it in the larger bag and stood up. The guy invited me into a bar he ran out of his Brownstone. It was in the basement and seemed like a speakeasy. A few people were in there and so was a small band. It was nicely lit and was cool and comfortable. I sat at the bar and got a beer.

I’m sitting there and start looking at the loot I just scored. As I sip the beer I start to rationally think about all the stuff I scored. I decide most of it is crap, so I pick, and choose stuff. As I’m doing that the guy I met before appears behind the bar and says, “Cool stuff, right?” I nod in agreement as I sort the wheat from the chaff.

I manage to sort through the stuff, finish my beer and take the bag of stuff I don’t want and leave it on a nearby table as I head out the door.

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