The Ball is Flat: A Weekly Review of Premier League Pandemonium

Welcome, one and all, to my newest creative outlet. Like a phoenix rising from ashes, bear witness as this “blog” soars above the decrepit pile of nonsense that was (and is) Shazam Monthly. In one sense, this is simply a weekly perspective that describes, in vivid and (extremely) biased detail, one match from the English Premier League. In another light, this selfish attempt to shove my aloof, narcissistic rhetoric all over your face assumes the guise of a potential community built on a love of (sometimes) quality football. From weekend warriors who never miss a Capital One League Cup tie to (slightly jealous) girlfriends, curious as to why boys so passionately profess their undying love for foreign-sounding men with uneven haircuts, this weekly review has a place for everyone…except for Albion supporters (sorry Sam). A quick read, perfect for that narrow time slot when something crucially productive to your day could easily be accomplished. Give us a shot and if you (impossibly) happen to enjoy it, give us a shout. So, without further rambling, pull your socks up and get yourself involved.
Get Stuck In,