How far will Donald Trump go to look as though he is superior and successful in everything he does?

Donald Trump has proudly stated many times he believes in Eugenics*, a belief that the human gene pool can be improved only by the reproduction of people considered to have superior traits, typically based on race.

Eugenics is a belief system that leaves little room for doubt. If genetically superior people are not more sucessfull than those they deem to be inferior than Eugenics does not work. For example, Donald Trump believes he is part of a genetically superior race and breed, so acknowledging failure or achieving lesser results than anyone he views as ‘inferior’ would show he is not superior. And that would mean everything he believes is a lie. So, either his whole life (believing he is genetically superior) has been a lie, or everyone who points out his mistakes must be lying.

All human beings make mistakes. Big ones. But, some people can’t bare to have their mistakes pointed out to them. It interferes with their personally held belief system that they are genetically perfect. And, contrasting belief systems cannot exist at the same time — Perfection vs. Fallibility. Someone who creates such a belief system will never admit defeat. They will never stand down or back down from a confrontation. They will never allow themselves to be seen as having made the mistakes that are pointed out to them. They will surround themselves with others who reinforce their beliefs and purposely exclude and ostracize those who disagree with them in an attempt to discredit their criticism (as witnessed by recent White House media blackouts and claims of ‘fake news’). The methods they use to defend their reputation can always be justified, no matter how heinous, untruthful or deceitful, because losing is not an option when your ideological bloodline is at stake. They will stand on the deck of the Titanic and proclaim we are being lied to — that the ship isn’t sinking. It’s the water that is rising. Everything will be fine, because they are at the wheel. And, they alone can save us.

That kind of thinking isn’t just misleading, it’s dangerous. To him and to us.

*Eugencis is of Greek origin, white Supremacist organizations credit Eugenics’ re-emergence in the U.S. leading up to WWII. But, it’s Adolf Hitler’s adoption of Eugenics as a justification for Nazi Germany and brutal racial policies that defined WWII. Hitler’s tactics included identifying, discriminating against and murdering the poor, mentally ill, blind, deaf, developmentally disabled, promiscuous women, homosexuals, Jews, blacks, and other non-whites. After WWII, the U.S. declared Hitler’s use of Eugenics a crime against humanity — an act of genocide. Donald Trump proudly admits that his father taught him his family’s success can be credited to Eugenics.