How I Started Vaping :<>:Personal Story by Jack Varnell

“Waking up to the sound of a machine breathing for you is quite disconcerting.”

After floating in and out of consciousness for the next couple of days, I finally became coherent enough for the Doctor on duty to render an expert opinion on what exactly was going on. Fortunately, he knew I wanted to have that information because I could not get enough breath to even ask for a diagnosis.

Starting with some rare form of pneumonia as the baseline for diagnostic criteria, I sensed none of my team of specialists had any clue what was really the issue.

To this day, I don’t know, but it is clear that when they drain seven litres of mystery fluid from your left lung over a nine day period with no explanation where it was coming from, that something is not right.

Pneumonia, as diagnosed, and completely unphased by the strongest antibiotics on the planet, likely is not the true culprit. I was told the only option since medicine wasn’t doing the trick, was surgery…read more

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