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RICHARD PLEPLER is likely not a name you have heard before. He is not a Big Tech CEO or a famous politician, but his effect on American culture is just as great, or greater. From 1992 to 2019, Plepler worked at Time Warner, and starting in 2013, he worked as the CEO and chairman of its subsidiary, HBO. During his time at Warner, HBO launched The Sopranos, The Wire, Band of Brothers as well as other hit series. With Plepler as co-President, HBO began production on the hugely popular Game of Thrones and critically acclaimed hits like Boardwalk Empire and…

Image: The Walt Disney Company

THE SUNDAY after Thanksgiving 2003, Roy E. Disney resigned from his position as Vice Chairman of the Walt Disney company. The nephew to the company’s namesake and founder penned a scathing letter to then-CEO Michael Eisner, wherein Disney accused Eisner of driving a wedge between him and those he worked with. The letter listed management-related grievances including Eisner’s failure to take ABC’s ratings “out of the abyss,” a “consistent micromanagement,” and a “creative brain drain,” all of which, in his view, made the company appear “rapacious, soul-less [sic], and always looking for the ‘quick buck.’” …

Jack Vlazny

Student using data to write about the business world and anything that seems important.

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