Andela Bootcamp Class V- Day 5

“Thanks Lord!” :-D.

Well you guessed it :-) But let me not start with the best part of the day.

So Day 5 Friday was the most tense of all. It was the last day day of the week when few people had to be cut off unfortunately. Right from when i got to class the atmosphere was a little bit tense with some trying to fake it off but you could hear people talking in low tones of how they were all worried of the unknown.For myself i was just eaazzy though i had that 1% fear of what-if-i-don’t-make-it constantly buzzing though my mind

After tea we went and had the morning warmup and games.We played “Concentration is the game”,this time i knew most of the people so it was easy for me.Though i was called numerous times by Nandaa who seemed to only remember my name.We also played “Simon says” which was today led by Robert.He was an expert in confusing us and i was eliminated within the first few rounds.I had lots of fun that morning.

Back to class we reviewed the Food for Thought on how to make code run faster. It was the first time i sat in the back of the class and to my surprise , Nandaa,our trainer requested we start answering from the back.So i had like 2.9 seconds to organise my confused mind and answer the question but i did it well as i had gone through it at night.The FFT formed the topic of discussion for the day and we reviewed it in a pythonic way and made a simple phone book searching app implementing it in both lists and dicts and found it was way faster searching through a list.

Lunch time.On Friday as per the culture there was Brown Bag. Mahad,an Andela fellow was the one talking and he talked about football which was his second best love after women.Haha.

Back to class we finalized on the FFT and time came for being called to receive the news. To cut the long story short “I MADE IT TO WEEK TWO”.Was so happy but unfortunately had so say bye so very nice friends of mine who were eliminated.

Well that was week one.Feeling really exhausted so am resting till Monday.Anyways looking forward to week two and the projects.Cheers!