Take a knee.
Patrick Gothman

I don’t think the police are targeting black people. I’m a white guy and I’ve witnessed countless incidents of police being brutal/disrespectful to me and other white people. The police don’t pick on people who are wealthy or powerful; they pick on the lower class or the marginalized and they are all colors. What we have is a severe police brutality problem. Every time there is a new incident, they get away with it, which is infuriating. When they killed Eric Garner there was detailed video of the entire murder and I thought, “Finally, the police will pay for this!”. I was wrong of course. I think the problem is the entire justice system is rotten. The judges and lawyers cover up for the cops because they all work together.

If I’m a white guy and I go into a coffee shop and the waiter is very rude with me, I don’t think “Racism!”, I think, “What a rude prick!” or “That guy must be having a bad day.” A black person goes into the same coffee shop and gets treated badly, they immediately assume “Racism! That waiter hates black people!” My point is, it is not necessarily racism.

Yes there is racism, but not nearly as much as we are being led to believe. If you see a specific example of racism then yes, call it racism. Be specific. But going on and on about ‘institutional racism’ is vague and unhelpful. Be specific.

If we aren’t united, we will fail. Half of the people standing and half kneeling for the anthem is not being united.

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