The Law of the Land has caught up with the Law of the Lord
adam nicholas phillips

I think I stumbles upon a perverted site. You say you are a Christan and a Pastor. You are not a Christian and the Pastor that you are was described by Jeremiah. You will receive judgement. #1 You use the NIV and call it a Bible. It is not a bible. It is a book devised by degenerates to try to prove homosexuality is OK when God said He HATES it. You said the woman was born Gay when the Bible says it is a choice and a sin. Even science has proved it does not come from birth but by choice. Your words quoted here : “But the Bible has curiously malleable, sometimes contradictory, dramatically heterodox definitions of marriage.” Tells me you are not in favor of an infallible Bible and by reasoning that out, one must pick and choose what they believe or in essence, make up their own story as you did. You are a false pastor and you do not know God.

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