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You sir, are not a Christian. I can tell from your lack of knowledge. What would Jesus do if a child molester came up to Him and asked for forgiveness. I will tell you, He would forgive him if he was sincere. The woman caught in an adulterous affair is testimony to that. Now, what would Jesus do if a crowd of Homosexuals came through, whooping and laughing and celebrating their homosexuality? Jesus would condemn them. Jesus only forgives sin that is repented of. No repentance, no forgiveness. You give Homosexuals a false hope because if they continue in their sin they will forsake Jesus forever and be doomed to an eternity in hell.Jesus said not on jot or tittle of the law will pass away that He came to fulfill the law not to abolish it. You are a liberal who sees a happy ending wherever you go. Unfortunately, you are not realistic and if you do not know that God’s system is in place to seek forgiveness by repentance, you are lost too.

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