Yves V: I took a long way to get where I am today, but that’s no bad thing

Yves V is a regular feature at the iconic Tomorrowland festival. Photo credit: djmag.com.

Yves V might now travel the world playing for thousands of people and making huge anthems, but it wasn’t always like this.

The Antwerp-born musician, who is behind tracks like Daylight and On Top of the World, confesses his best advice is to be patient and not expect success overnight.

‘A lot of young kids now think they should be on the main stage the next day,’ he says.

‘Just be patient and try to find your way, evolve and from one thing comes another.

‘For example, I bought my first record when I was 15 and I’m 35 now, so I took a long way to get here but I don’t think it’s a bad thing.’

The Belgian producer started to gain prominence when he made his first main stage appearance at Tomorrowland nearly a decade ago. He admits it is staggering how much the event has changed.

Tomorrowland will be held across two weekends to accommodate demand for tickets. Photo credit: youredm.com.

The festival, which is held in the Antwerp area of Belgium, first started out back in 2005 and has grown in stature year-on-year with 180,000 people attending the last iteration.

‘I think the first time I played there it was the second edition so it was not that big and even when I told my friends I’m playing at Tomorrowland I think nobody reacted,’ the 35-year-old explains.

‘It was just a normal festival back then and now the whole world knows Tomorrowland.

‘When I travel and say I’m from Belgium people don’t know where that is, but they know Tomorrowland so it’s crazy how the festival became that big.’

The house veteran will host his own stage V Sessions once again at the European event which is a huge honour for him.

‘It’s a dream coming true,’ he tells me. ‘The first year I had a very small stage but it was a huge success.

‘This is the fifth year we’re doing it so I’m very happy.’

Yves V is also excited about the fact he will soon reach the 100th episode of his weekly radio show V Sessions, which allows him to showcase a whole range of genres he likes.

‘I love it because it’s totally different from my live shows,’ he says. ‘I play all kinds of music that I just like.

‘It can go from maybe EDM, what I play during my live shows, but it can also be deeper house or trap music.’

Another event which the DJ thinks is going to be a big highlight of the summer is Spain’s Dreambeach festival. Dreambeach festival takes place in Almeria between August 10–15. Find out more about it on their website.

The Belgian will play the event, which takes place in August, for the first time as part of a stellar line-up encompassing a wide range of styles, including Marshmello, Andy C and Seth Troxler.

‘I love to play in Spain,’ he continues. ‘The crowd is amazing. They always have a lot of energy and I’ve played quite often there so I have a lot of fans there.

‘It is the first time I’m playing Dreambeach which is a very big festival and I’m almost sure it’s going to be a crazy party there.’

Yves V has played at events all across the globe but recalls a certain show in Brazil as one of the craziest in recent times.

‘I think it was Experience festival and I was due to play there from 10 until 11 in the morning,’ he adds.

‘When I started the crowd was packed like a main stage.

‘The people were there from the night before which made for such a crazy atmosphere and a unique experience.’

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike (above) were DJ Mag’s number one DJs in the world in 2015. Photo credit: Billboard.com.

Belgium has seen a recent surge in the number of producers receiving worldwide acclaim and Yves V think this is just the start after the rise of artists like Lost Frequencies, Netsky and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

‘There’s lots of young talent so I’m sure in the next few years we’ll have some more Belgian DJs out there,’ he continues.

‘I think the scene will only grow and probably more and more young kids will explore their talent for music.’

Six of the eight tracks the Belgian released last year were collaborations with other producers, which he admits can result in all sorts of combinations which might not be apparent at first glance.

‘More opinions on a track can sometimes produce an end result that you didn’t see at the beginning,” he adds.

‘Sometimes it goes faster or sometimes it can even go slower.’

Yves recalls his track To The Beat together with Laidback Luke, featuring the vocals of American MC Hawkboy, as a prime example of a record which started off as something completely different.

‘The one with Laidback Luke is very funny because I sent him an idea which was like a drum track and Luke made for me a very original drop,’ he says.

‘I would never have thought about that one because I saw the track in a totally different direction.

‘That was very interesting to see what he added and what he changed about the original idea.’

His latest record Find Your Soul came out just more than a month ago but it was ready a long time before that, the DJ reveals.

‘That track was finished more than a year ago so I was a bit afraid because it’s still the EDM sound but I thought it was fresh but you never truly know what the reaction will be,’ he adds.

‘In the end the fans loved it and I had a lot of DJs supporting it.

‘I just finished a two-week tour in Asia and a lot of people were talking about the tune.’

In terms of new music from the Belgian, expect lots of material really soon with the resident Tomorrowland DJ close to finishing several tracks over the next few weeks.

‘For the moment I’m finishing like four or five songs,’ he says.

‘Three of them are vocal and a maybe a little bit more radio-orientated.

‘Besides that I’m also finishing two collaborations for the festival season.’

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