I have a project that requires a device that support two screens display, while the primary display has to have a touchscreen for user to interact and the secondary display has the ability to output a 1080p video. With the background of Android app program, I know that android support multiple screen display since the release of Jelly bean. That feature helps deliver the presentation feature in Google Slide app which presenter can have notes displayed on his phone and have the presentation slides up on the stage. Therefore, I am thinking what if I can get an Android development board that runs Jelly Bean or above and have that board to connect a touch screen and a 1080p display. That would totally match the requirement of the project.

I have been looking for that board online for one day. I looked at Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, Beaglebone, etc. None of them could provide what I need. Either it does not have Android image, or it does not have two video output. Then, I started to look at the ones sold in Taobao, hoping to find a China-made board that does not have much fame but has the elements I needed. Fortunately enough, I found a board that does exactly what I need. It is Nano Pi. It has different variations, from a price tag of $10 to $35 USD, standard marketing strategy.

I chose two boards, a NanoPi 2 Fire and a NanoPi M3. Both of them run Android 5.1 and can connect one LCD touch screen and one monitor through a HDMI port.

I bought them on Taobao: