Day022 — I want to build {blank}

I want to build a web site allow people to enter their medium url and export a markdown / plain text file for them to download. This is my first step. Later, when user logins his medium account, I could export all posts in the account.

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I want to build a 52/17 app. originated from 5217. It has beautiful UI. It is small enough in terms of number of layouts goes. But, I predict it will get very difficult when it comes to theme and animation.

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I want to build a calendar widget which lives in the notification drawer. I want to it to be as simple as possible. it shows the dates of current week and highlight the current date. when click on the date, it opens up the system default calendar app. That’s it. (May be showing dots to represent the number of appointment of that day)

I believe people can’t use app more than one main screen can hold, and I don’t want to have an another full screen widget on the second screen so I have swipe right or left for it. Although it might be ok for other people, I still think that extra swipe is not the most convenient to do it. And, calendar is just a widget I can’t skip. So, I think notification drawer is a right place to put my calendar widget which I can access it any time regardless I am at home screen or some other apps.

It should be a free app. I am very much open for suggestion on whether my thinking is right.