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Just got back from dinner in the city with my homie Sam Sheffer. Every few weeks we meet up at this bar in the east village that serves $1 fish tacos on Mondays. We met for the first time in 2013 outside the apple store on the night they released the iPhone 5s. I was camping out over night working on a video with Casey. Sam was checking out all the apple stores in the city doing some coverage for The Verge. Tonight we spent a good part of dinner talking about the iPhone 7. Sam’s planning on camping out this year to get that shiny new black one. I preordered the not-shiny black one. I wonder who will get their new phone first…

Sam is someone who I admire a great deal and definitely look up to professionally. Before we publicly launched Beme in summer of 2014, Sam and I met up at this same bar for fish tacos (it’s Sam’s favorite place to hang out). At the time I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into with Beme. I had busted my ass to help the team get ready for launch, but I was about to become the community and social media manager for a publicly launched tech company. I was as far as you could be from a social media expert. I knew how to make videos and how to work hard, but I didn’t know anything about how to be a social media manager. Sam, on the hand, had been running social at the Verge for a few years (and Engadget before that). He gave me some advice that I’ll never forget. Focus on one outlet at a time and find your voice. As long as you communicate honestly and use your own voice, people will listen. I started focused on twitter and really made an effort to communicate with my followers and Beme users through the platform. I just started speaking from my heart and consistently tweeting things I thought were funny, insights I had, ideas, feelings and information about the company. Sure enough, my twitter following grew over the coming months, just as Sam said it would. I think people came to trust my voice as a sort of microphone for some of the things we were doing with Beme. These Medium posts are very much an extension of the same things Sam told me that night.

A little under a year ago Sam and I met at the usual spot. He had a camera on him, similar to the set up Casey uses for his vlogs. He told me he was starting a YouTube channel. At first his videos would get a couple hundred views at most, but he was stoked nonetheless. He was was making videos that he genuinely cared about and thought were cool. He kept at it for months and the audience continued to grow. The other day Sam got his 1 millionth view on YouTube. That’s an insanely huge number. His channel is more popular than ever and he’s getting incredible opportunities to travel all over the world with his vlog. He’s a testament to not only working hard but creating things you’re passionate about. I’m psyched to see his channel continue to grow over the coming months. When he gets to 5 million views I’m buying the tacos.

If you’re passionate about something just go for it. Share stuff with the world. The internet is like a big wall that anyone can graffiti on. Speak from your heart and be patient. Eventually people will take notice.

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