$150k in 24 Hours

Four days ago I wrote a post called “My Friend Marlan” and launched a Go Fund Me campaign to help Marlan with some of his sister’s medical expenses. When we launched the campaign we didn’t have a particular goal in mind, we just hoped to cover the needs of Marlan’s family and hopefully go beyond that to help some others as well. Yesterday morning Casey’s vlog included a little segment on the fundraiser and the response was off the charts. As soon as the video came out the campaign was flooded with donations. Over ten thousand people from all over the world contributed an average of $14 each. We vastly exceeded anything we could have imagined.

The amount of love that I’ve seen come out of this campaign over the last few days is astounding. Marlan’s sister Merlex will never have to worry about her medical expenses again and we’ll be able to help many others as well. I’m currently working on a plan with Marlan to make sure that the funds are used to have the biggest impact possible. I can’t wait to share more stories from the folks that you all have helped. I hope this fundraiser serves as a reminder of how much good and benevolence people are capable of. Thank you all for your generosity and kindness.