July 26th, 2016

What’s the difference between a lemon and a lime? One is yellow and one is green clearly. There’s a slight difference in taste. I think lemons are usually a little sweeter but not 100% sure. If I ask for a lemon and they’re out, a lime will do. And vice versa.

Why do so many people call Hillary Clinton a criminal? Why do people hate her so much? I understand the private email server was irresponsible and idiotic but it doesn’t justify the hatred I see directed at her. It makes me sad that people are so often informed by sound bites. Why don’t we pursue a deeper understanding of the problems and solutions? Maybe social media and 24/7 news has made people impatient. Are we ever going to reverse course?

I ordered from the new chicken place again for dinner. It’s a family-owned operation. A mom and her two kids work the counter together, yelling orders back to the kitchen, bagging up deliveries, swiping credit cards. This is definitely my new go to spot.

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