August 5th, 2016

I can’t believe it’s already Friday. My week was very productive and I managed to fit some fun in there as well. This evening I took the train down to the Jersey Shore with my mom. She asked me something about the wedding last weekend and I was a bit taken aback because it felt like so much longer than a week had passed. August is the shortest month of the year. Not in terms of days though, because there are 31 and some months have 30 and February has 29 and sometimes even 28, but August goes twice as fast as February even on a leap year.

Supposedly it is going to rain all day tomorrow. I plan on sleeping a lot of hours and maybe going to the movies. i keep seeing really awful reviews for Suicide Squad. I never had that high expectations for it but I was hoping it wouldn’t be terrible. Supposedly it is terrible. Why do they keep making bad super hero movies? In the last 10 years there have been like 80 superhero movies, why haven’t they figured a formula that works yet? The highlight is certainly the Dark Knight trilogy. The reason those movies stood out so much is pretty simple: they gave creative control to an auteur director who was genuinely passionate about making a great superhero film. The same thing happened with Joss Whedon and The Avengers. Why don’t the studios do this more? I guess they probably try to do it most of the time but can’t always get who they want. Cue the Rolling Stones: you can’t always get what you want.

I’m like super cross-eyed from looking at a screen all day…

Goodnight moon.

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