[A guide for people who aren’t sure if boxing is cool]

Boxing is really cool, not sure if you heard.

The speed bag is the coolest part. When you can do that well it’s basically the blackbelt of boxing.

Jump rope is sort of point of entry. When you’re bad at it you look stupid, so it’s important to be good. Good means fast and being able to do one foot and or cross your hands or spin around in circles or whatever. (Side note: do kids still do double dutch or did the phones kill that too?)

Getting punched in the stomach is cool. Only for tough guys with abs, but just one more cool thing about boxing: having people punch you in the stomach as hard as they can without flinching.

Punching someone in the face is cool IF you’re in the ring. Anywhere else it’s not cool. Unless the person you punch is talking shit about someone who doesn’t deserve it. By the way, you don’t look for people to punch in the face, they find you. If you’re not sure and you’ve never punched someone in the face, don’t worry about it, you’ll know when you’re supposed to.

Boxing movies are cool too. Boxing is cool because boxing looks good on film. It’s not as cool in real life. That’s called romanticization. This is really important to remember.

— —

*Okay well, you can print this out on a really small piece of paper and laminate it and put it in your wallet and refer to it whenever you need to remember why boxing is cool.*