Buenos Aires (part 2)

I am sitting alone at the restaurant of the Malba museum, eating a pizza and drinking a coca light. It is the most beautiful day and I am sitting in the outside area of the restaurant. I have a sweater with me but I’m not wearing it. I sort of regret having it with me. The last few days were quite chilly but today it’s almost hot.

Directly in front of me is a table identical to mine. A woman is sitting there facing my direction. She has headphones in. I have a strange feeling she is not actually listening to anything, but rather, she is wearing the headphones in antipaction of a telephone call. We both have sunglasses on. We’re both writing in notebooks.

Today I have been struggling with a pretty awful hangover. Last night I went to the bar with two Argentine friends (who I met through Instagram of all places). We drank two or maybe three beers together and were more of less ready to go. Rodrigo, one of the Argentine Instagram friends, went to the bathroom leaving part of our table was open. Two blonde girls came up and asked in Spanish if the seat was available. Patricio, the other of my two new friends, quickly told them that the seat was taken. The two girls walked off. I thought I noted a hint of some foreign accent in their Spanish. Maybe German or something like that. I joked with Patricio that he should have invited the girls to sit with us and that he was very quick to dismiss two pretty girls for a young single Argentinean guy. Surely they would be interested in getting to know someone from Buenos Aires?

As soon as Rodrigo returned from the bathroom Patricio left the table. He came back moments later with the two girls, excusing himself for sending them off in the first place. The girls were from Norway and has just moved to Buenos Aires a few days earlier to work on their masters’ theses. We ordered another round of beers and chatted in English about BA and Oslo and NYC and other places we had all travelled. The girls had been all over the world. After an hour or so they left. Patricio exchanged numbers with them and made vague plans to meet again some time soon. We ordered another round of beers and cracked jokes and ordered another and cracked more jokes. Eventually we were among the last ones at the bar. Did I mention that Pat and Rodrigo were brothers? Well, the brothers are planning to move to the States soon so I’m sure I will see them again.

It’s been about an hour since I sat down at the restaurant that’s connected to the museum. The girl across from me is still sitting there with the headphones in. I have yet to hear her have a conversation. Maybe she is listening to music after all. Or maybe it’s a podcast or Spanish lessons or an audio recording of a Chris Rock stand up routine. I used to listen to a lot of stand up when I was a kid. All the other patrons at the restaurant are new. The sun is still shining. It’s a lovely day in Buenos Aires.

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