diary entry from inside the honey jar

Sometimes you have those days where it feels like you’re moving in slow motion but everything else is happening regular speed. Or maybe it’s that you’re going regular speed and every thing else is in fast forward. Today was one of those days.

I left for work on the early side this morning. I chose the train instead of the bike so I could do some reading. The platform was humid and much more crowded than usual. When an F train finally came it was already packed so I had to wait for another. Next came a G. I figured I might as well take what I could get even though it would take me one stop out of the way. Here I swiched to the A which would take me close to the office. Of course on the A we went one stop before the conductor announced we’d be continuing to Manhattan on the F line due to a sick passanger in the next station. Back to square one. The re-routed A dropped me on Houston, a good ten minute walk from work. When I finally got to the office Ihad gone from being early to just being on time.

Throughout the day I was working on a bunch of different things but didn’t make a ton of progress on any of them. 7pm came so fast! Afterwards I started working on editing this music video with my friend Henry. We made a lot of progress I think but more conceptually than physically and before I knew it, it was bed time already.

Tomorrow will be different. I’m going to enter the Matrix and life will move in slow motion and I’ll move in fast forward. At least I’ll try.

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