falling in love

I fall in love every single day

of course I fall in love with the girl on the train
who’s chewing on the ice cubes from the bottom of her soda cup
with tired eyes that are too big and too brown

and walking in the park I see a black guy
who’s probably just a little bit older than me
or maybe the same age
and he’s doing his daughter’s hair while
his son is climbing on his shoulders and
they’re both laughing
so of course I fall in love with him too

and with the movie stars
every single one of them
but wonder if I’m being tricked
by the hollywood director whose only job
is to make you fall for those unconscious
images that flicker across the screen

those guys get paid pretty good too
so maybe it’s all just a big hoax

Maybe I just think there’s something special
about the girl on the train
(who’s also got a dimple on her chin)
cause I stayed up all night watching black and white movies

and I don’t know what the father
and his kids are doing on Monday or Tuesday
or even tonight

but I’ll probably just keep falling in love everyday
cause it makes me smile on the inside extra hard
And maybe I’ll just stop watching movies altogether
and start making them myself
so that the father in the park
can fall in love with the girl on the train.