I made a plan. Here it is:

This week

Poems. One a day, maybe more than that. Every day from now until Saturday you’ll find a new poem here. Most of them will probably be bad, but I bet a couple of them will be good and maybe even one will be great. The first one is up. It’s called Sleeping for Dummies.

Next week

I am off Monday through the following Tuesday and I am taking a trip for some of that time to Buenos Aires. I leave on Saturday night. That’s like 5 days from now or maybe 6. That kind of math has always been confusing to me.

The plan in Argentina is to write about my trip and things I am learning down there and whatnot. I am going by myself and so far have no plans. In a sense it will be a week of mystery/suspense/thriller writing because I have no idea what’s to come. Maybe I will never come back? That seems highly unlikely, but you never know…

Also, I will include pictures for the first time ever. I hope the pictures are good.

Labor Day Weekend

I return to New York for labor day weekend. This is the final weekend of the summer, the inverse of Memorial day. This weekend means family time and one last weekend of drinking Corona Light. I will hopefully have some interesting insights to share about the end of the summer and some thoughts on fall which is the best season in nyc (it really is).

A little while after that

Shooting a music video with my homies Henry and John. Henry’s got a couple dope songs coming out. John is one of my favorite dudes to work with ever. He shot the video I linked above. It’s going to be really great. We’re still finishing up the script now.

Also, working on a screenplay for a short with my friend Alex. I am eventually going to act in it and direct it. I have only directed myself acting once but I really liked it and want to do it a lot more. I will write about that whole process here as well.

The fall

More movie reviews? I want to watch a LOT of old movies after the summer. Maybe I should start with a list of movies I want to see and then I can start crossing them off. Do you guys like when I do movie reviews?

Back tonight with another poem. Have a beautiful day.

: )

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