on writing

When I started this project a couple of months ago I wasn’t really sure what to expect of myself. I made a plan to post something every day with the very simple objective of getting better at writing. The more you practice something, the better you will get. Just like anything else, right?

What I didn’t expect was that I would fall pretty hard for both language and storytelling. Finding the right words to express an idea is actually really fun. Writing can also be a tremendous vehicle for figuring out what you want to say. It forces you to think and reflect and to learn from your experiences. That’s so f***ing cool!

The best part is that there are literally zero rules. There are an infinite number of words and sentences as your disposal to say anything you want to say. Writing is a remarkably free form of expression.

Thank you guys for reading these little ramblings I’ve been posting on here. You’re a great inspiration to keep doing it and to keep trying different things.



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