Sad cause you’re happy

Sad cause you’re happy
and everyone else is sad

For some reason you don’t fit in this puzzle
that your friends are putting together
as they sit around the fireplace for the first time this fall

Outside the window a woman is crying and talking on a cell phone
but it can’t be that bad, right?
at least she’s talking to someone
and you’re desperate to trade places with her
cause crying sounds kind of nice

You don’t wake up early anymore
cause why would you?
it’s much more comfortable alone in bed
dreaming about that stupid beach
from the Corona commercial

On Saturday a friend gives you an anxiety pill
but i’m not anxious you say
and your friend tells you that it’s fun
that it makes you feel like you’re in a hot air balloon

So you eat the pill and three hours later
you still feel the same way you always do

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