Sleeping for Dummies

On the couch is good, If it’s yours
On the beach is even better.
In your bed is the best
Someone else’s is good too.

Sleeping in the day is nice sometimes
And important sometimes
And stupid sometimes
And occasionally tragic.

In the car
On a plane, on a train
In the back seat or the front seat
wake up with a new view maybe.

It’s good and it’s also bad
Usually it’s alone or with someone else
Or more than one other person
every once in a while.

In a small town
Where the night time sings
louder than the day
Louder than bombs.

In a big town
You drown out the big sounds
Machines and screams and dreams
and light bleeds through the blinds past midnight.

And i bury my head and yell
As loud as i can.

But all i get is silence
and I’m carried off once more.

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