Tuesday or Wednesday or something?

I love the unwarranted question mark.

Sort of feel like summer Fridays should exist in the winter too?

It’s not a question, but the the marker still carries meaning. I’m not asking if you think there should be summer Fridays in the winter, I’m telling you. Like, “Wait, how does this not exist already?!” It’s an unspoken question attached to the statement.

It’s Wednesday but I spent most of the day thinking it was Tuesday. That definitely goes in the win column. Although more often than not it’s the opposite. Oh wait, it’s still only Monday, I thought it was Friday. When is it gonna be Friday again?

I have been feeling quite inspired lately. So inspired that I might get back to the ole’ blog. Why are you feeling so inspired Jack? Great question! There are a few things that have turned my frown upside down recently.

  1. Summer, duuuhhh. It’s nice af outside these days. I have been going to the beach on the weekends! Do you know about the phsychological effects of swimming in the ocean?! All signs point to really good. Prescription: jump in the ocean.
  2. I moved to a balling new apartment, and there is a huge roof deck! Yes! This one is 100% connected to the point above, and I’m sure I won’t use the deck as soon as winter comes back, but right now? Incredible! Every night after work I hang out on the deck. This is a total game changer folks. Highly recommend.
  3. I have been reading a lot! The world is kind of a mess right now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, and things can get pretty, pretty, stressful. BUT, there is a way out and I have discovered it! Reading is a great escape! Put your cellphone in the other room and crack open a great book. I promise, ya won’t regret it. Most recent book in Jack’s Book Club (established 2017) is Purity by Jonathan Franzen. It’s on the longer side but it’s the type of story that pulls you in pretty quickly and is super hard to put down. A few days on the beach and I breezed through it.

I’m sure I’ve been inspired by some other things too but that’s all I can think of right now as I’m writing this. Okay, what else?

I got so sick of writing these posts because I started taking them too seriously. The news of the world got way to heavy over the last year and it got to my head. But I’m over it now! At least I hope so… I want to try to bring a little lightness and positivity to the internet and I want to do it way more consistently. I solemnly swear to take myself less seriously.

Much love to all you guys and even more love to the haters!!! Just kidding, I don’t really have haters, but maybe one day. I think it’s important to aspire to have haters. If you don’t have any haters, you’re not leaving a big enough mark. That said, if you have too many haters, you might be doing something wrong. Rule number 1 in life: don’t be an asshole.

Okay, that’s all for now. See ya later alligator.

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