We are excited to announce that Switcheo has integrated WalletConnect to our exchange!

Trade directly on Switcheo Exchange with your favourite mobile wallets that support the WalletConnect protocol such as Trust Wallet, Argent Wallet and imToken.

Connecting to WalletConnect

Users will be able to find the WalletConnect wallets under the usual “Blockchain Wallets” section in the Wallet Manager on Switcheo Exchange.

We are excited to announce that Switcheo has integrated the NeoLine wallet by the NeoNEXT team!

This new integration will allow users to trade on Switcheo Exchange through the NeoLine Chrome extension wallet.

Connecting To NeoLine

Users will be able to find the NeoLine wallets under the usual “Blockchain Wallets” section in the Wallet Manager on Switcheo Exchange.

We have partnered with Unstoppable Domains to bring more convenience and flexibility to our users. Thanks to Unstoppable Domains, Switcheo Exchange is now hosted on IPFS, which means it is accessible to everyone in the world without any restrictions.

Blockchain domains can be used:

  • As a domain name for a decentralized website
  • As a personalized wallet name for multiple cryptocurrencies, instead of long, hard to remember, alphanumeric digits

Swap Tokens with switcheo.crypto

Install the Unstoppable Domains Extension or use Opera and visit switcheo.crypto to swap between Ethereum, EOS, and NEO based tokens.

To download and install the Unstoppable Domains Extension, visit https://unstoppabledomains.com/extension, …

The following is the SWTH token usage report for Q1 2020.

The number of SWTH tokens used as fees from 1 January 2020 — 31 March 2020 is 318,995. In total, 47.17% of eligible trades were paid using tokens (SWTH/GAS).

An additional 646,398 SWTH tokens have been manually converted at a 50% rate from Ethereum and EOS based fees and burnt.

As of 31st March 2020,

  • 6,247,313 tokens have been locked in the V3 contract,
  • 4,376,165 tokens have been locked in the V2 contract,
  • 646,749 tokens have been locked in the V1/1.5 contracts,
  • 5,388,447 tokens have been burnt to the…

All about DAI

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has experienced a lot of positive growth since 2019 and is currently gaining increased popularity especially in decentralized lending. However, we noticed that the general public is still unaware of their responsibilities and the type of risk that comes with using decentralized credit platforms. Hence, when an unprecedented event like Black Thursday occurs, investors seem to end up getting the short end of the stick.

We believe that investor awareness is essential for continuous growth in the DeFi space. Therefore, we have created a series on our YouTube channel to talk about various topics relevant to this…

As the Switcheo HODL Elite event comes to an end, we are pleased to share with you the steps on how to unlock and receive your rewards.

How to Unlock

Step 1: Go to Switcheo Exchange and log in using your Switcheo Account or a blockchain wallet that contains your SWTH. Once logged in, go to Chest on the dropdown menu bar on the top right corner to view your previously committed SWTH tokens.

Today, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting 210 countries and territories around the world and 2 international conveyances. Billions of people are in lockdown as health services across the world struggle to cope with the virus. While each country is challenged with a different set of circumstances amid the COVID-19 pandemic, they are all battling against a common enemy and many are taking actions to coordinate an effective global response.

Switcheo’s Fight Against the Global Pandemic

As the world continues to fight the COVID-19 outbreak, Switcheo is part of the relentless campaign in subduing the deadly virus. With the number of infected patients and the mortality rates…

Last week, we made a major announcement introducing Switcheo Foundation, our exciting new initiative to democratize financial markets through radical decentralization.

Today, the Switcheo Foundation website goes live at switcheo.foundation. The website will be used as a base for our community to participate and contribute towards a shared vision of creating a brand new reality for wealth accumulation.

Do check out the brand new platform for more details on our initiative!

To receive more updates on Switcheo Foundation, here are some additional channels to follow:

About Switcheo Foundation

Switcheo Foundation is an ambitious, non-profit project as part of our larger vision to create a world where people regardless of their geographical location and socioeconomic status are empowered with the ability to accumulate wealth in a self-sovereign manner.

This post was originally published on the Switcheo blog.

We are very proud and exhilarated to officially unveil Switcheo TradeHub, an open-source dPOS order matching engine built on top of Tendermint Core.

Our team has been working hard on Switcheo TradeHub for many months under its previous moniker “Switcheo Chain”; Today, we would like to present the details on what this new technology means for the future of Switcheo, the benefits it will bring to our users, and explain how exactly we intend to roll it out.

What exactly is Switcheo TradeHub?

Switcheo TradeHub is a purpose-built sidechain for trading. It will be run by a decentralized network of public nodes that each hosts…

#SwitcheoTurns2 ✌️

We are celebrating Switcheo’s 2nd anniversary on 31st March 2020! The Switcheo community has been our cornerstone from the beginning, and the growth of Switcheo has been possible only with your continued support. To express our appreciation and gratitude for our community, we invite you to celebrate with us as Switcheo turns 2 this year!

Join us in the celebration by participating in our 7-days Birthday Surprise on Twitter, starting 24th March 2020. There will be different ways you can participate throughout the week to win awesome prizes from us!

Celebration Period

24th March 2020 — 30th March 2020

How to Participate

  1. Follow @SwitcheoNetwork on…

Jack Yeu

Co Founder, Switcheo Network

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