Origin of the force maybe dipoler

Do all the hidden forces in nature come in pairs? From Newton’s third law, to every action there is always opposed an equal reaction. When you apply force on something, its reaction pushes you away. Action and reaction do come in pairs.

The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy pp. 20

Electricity has positive and negative charges. Bodies carried different type of electrical charges attract and same charges repel each other. A magnet always has one north and one south pole. Prof. Clerk Maxwell speculated that origin of the force maybe dipolar from one of his early papers. At the same time, he was thinking beyond the typical force where it is applied on one point of a mass. Instead, he saw the Faraday’s force lines form a medium that is capable of receiving and storing up potential and kinetic energy (see The Life of James Clerk Maxwell, 1882, pp 550). It seems to me that electricity and magnetism are another pair of the dipolar forces from the nature. However, the idea of the “force” had evolved into “medium with force lines”.

“Every phenomenon of action and reaction is isotropic in its results, because the effects of the force on the bodies between which it acts are equal and opposite, while the nature and origin of the force maybe dipolar, as in the attraction between a north and a south pole.” — James Clerk Maxwell, On Physical Lines of Force, 1861.
James Clerk Maxwell, On Physical Lines of Force, 1861. pp. 164 (page 4 from this link)
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