Visiting The Milwaukee Public Market

Today I walked through the Milwaukee Public Market for the first time since attending Marquette. Not only was this the first time browsing the market, but it was also the first time I’ve visited the Third Ward, which makes me a sinner according to my friends who come here weekly. I was fascinated by the variety of different foods and drinks they offer, hosting vendors such as: Aladdin “Taste of the East”, Thief Wine, West Allis Cheese and Sausage Shop and many more. Here is a 360 photo of the market.

Although this new area was fascinating and beautifully laid out, I began feeling my eyes becoming heavier with each vendor visit. And out of the blue a vendor caught my attention: Anodyne Coffee.

I stopped and ordered my classic beverage, the caramel iced coffee. One sip and my decision was still made: Dunkin still sits as king of iced coffee. Although I’ll admit I am no connoisseur of coffee. But I did somewhat enjoy my overpriced purchase. Anodyne has a unique bar vibe where customers can enjoy coffee while at the same time catch up on work and maybe even munch on some grub from other vendors. When visiting the Anodyne website, it was interesting to see the company’s motto of the use of “just enough technology coupled with the experience of our crew” to ensure their customers they are tasting the best cup of coffee possible. Here is a picture of Anodyne’s operation layout.

Unfortunately, when interviewing one of the employees here, she was interrupted by some last minute customers and was unable to finish the interview. Although I did manage to ask her a few questions.

I was curious to see if her customers are mostly regulars or tourists. I was informed that although she sees many new faces there are some staple customers who love Anodyne’s coffee. I also asked if Anodyne has adopted on online rewards program such as Starbucks or Dunkin. They have not done so, although they are active on social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

Here’s what I did with my finished coffee ;).