Blogging: What Works?

As a first-time blogger for the Environmental Forum course, I am beginning by comparing and contrasting other blogs to find what methods they use that I find engaging. I will use these observations to make my future blog posts more engaging for all reading them.

The first blog I looked at was called The Macroscope, a blog about science, the natural world, and sustainability. This blog caught my eye because of the topics it covered, which are relevant to this course and my studies, along with the images used on the blog. All of the articles have pictures of beautiful plants or landscapes that catch the reader’s eye, and draw intrigue to the posts.

Next, I looked at an article with a title that piqued my interest: “Why I’m Breaking up with Sustainability,” by Tara Holmes. As an environmental science major and sustainability minor, I was very curious why somebody was giving up on sustainability. The article made a very interesting point about how difficult it can be to be an advocate for sustainability in a society that is so focused on bigger and better. I thought this blog was engaging because of its catchy title and the anecdotes used by the writer.

The last piece I looked at was an article called “Sustainability in Fashion.” The piece began with a very cool graphic of the life cycle of a cotton t-shirt. It shows the process of making a t-shirt, transporting it to retailers, and the t-shirt’s final stop, the landfill. As I looked through the article further, there were many visuals and graphs that show how fast fashion can affect the environment. At the bottom of the post there is a link to a John Oliver video about the fashion industry. This piece was very well written, included many engaging visuals, and even included links for people interested in learning more about the subject.

After analyzing these three blogs, and looking at many others, I am excited to write my first blog. When writing a blog, the content is very important, but I think one of the most important aspects is the title. In order for a blog to catch a reader’s interest, it has to have a good title. I also think that having visuals in the blog to support your content is engaging to readers, and makes a blog more successful.