Pre and post-pandemic reflection on the beauty of family connections

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Having the privilege of being a part of a Cuban family is one of the many joys I am thankful for in this life. From the first time we all gathered together, my girlfriend’s family welcomed me and my family with open arms.

This family lives and laughs like it’s going out of style. My ability to appreciate their love and closeness is definitely attributed to how I was raised — a similar style of love and well, the volume of voices.

Over the years, amidst the experiences of warmth and laughter, I have learned key lessons worthy of sharing with you. …

Experiences founded in love and support

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As we move through the stages of life, there is an overwhelming fear of losing our place in the world—our purpose and connection to those around us. These are normal feelings that rise to the surface, especially for our loved ones in their elder years, but it’s how we listen and how we provide support, which makes all the difference.

The aging process is not easy. Not only for those experiencing it but for family members that play a caregiver role. While caring for aging family members, I have learned important lessons founded in love and support.

1. Technical Support

“What is my password?” is a question I used to fear most when I would visit my family. One simple technical question would lead down a rabbit hole of recovering user names and resetting passwords for a variety of applications. It was the vortex I used to avoid at all costs. …

A personal reflection from behind the window frame

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Special Note: I am sending out love to our heroes in healthcare who continue to risk their lives daily during this horrific period in history. You are an inspiration to us all.

In the wake of the pandemic, it’s clear that our lives have changed. We have moved out from behind the window frame of our homes, ready to embark on a new journey that is foreign to us. For many areas, masks will be the new normal as the coronavirus cases and deaths continue to rise.

Now more than ever, it’s important to remember what matters most in light of this ongoing tragedy. As I reflect on the impact of the quarantine, I am reminded yet again that life is short. …

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Photo by Jaclyn Goldstein on Instagram

“A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.”

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Do you ever feel something calling to your soul? An urge to know the souls that have gone before, understand their troubles, know their desires. Is it a curiosity to understand the details in such a way that will help you understand more about yourself?

Amidst the shards of glass and debris, I am drawn to a reflection of stairs in the puddle before me. A force is begging me to ascend towards the light. But the surrounding darkness is beckoning me to stay below. …



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