So let me see if I have this right.
Kerri Hicks

Are you using the word “programming” as a synonym for “calculation” ?

Yes, I do not know CSS3 well enough, simply because I don’t have the time to be an expert in everything, but I do know how to use a Sass framework like Bourbon to generate the CSS3 needed for animations/transitions — I am no designer! That’s why I really respect those who are really good at it.

PS: Even though CSS/HTML is not programming, it could be called coding, development, engineering; just not programming!

It’s probably obvious to you now that it is a pet peeve of mine :D

And, no, I don’t view programming as superior to “those other things”, it’s just a different thing. CSS/HTML was never meant, and will never be, a programming language. It is in many ways similar to SQL (which is not programming either).

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