Is a drummer a musician? There are no scales! How about a singer? There are no instruments!
Kerri Hicks

HTML and CSS is not programming, it’s markup.

I can’t see what’s wrong with it not being programming, though. To me, HTML/CSS is the single most important aspect of front end development!

I personally would be really happy if one could be a front end developer concentrating on that, without having to bring in JavaScript.

When I write HTML/CSS (markup!), I consider that activity to be ‘developing’, definitely not programming. It is a very different kind of mindset. Not better, just different.

I program when I use PHP, C++, etc. but not when I write HTML/CSS.

A programmer writes programs. HTML/CSS does not constitute a program.

“Developer” is a more general term that would apply to both activities.

That’s nitpicking. And that’s one thing that programmers are very good at, I’m told. :)

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