I challenge you to explain, without looking it up, how you’d calculate the position of an element…
Kerri Hicks

You can calculate without it being programming. And, no: while I am fairly good at Sass and very familiar with HTML, I am terrible at CSS3 animations and the like, so I am not able to explain that. :)

While I crawl back to the back-end cave, I am still adamant that HTML/CSS is not programming, it is markup / DSL.

Not saying that it isn’t as involved/complicated/challenging as programming. In many ways, I actually find programming less challenging because the scope is narrower!

To clarify: a programmer and a front-end HTML/CSS3 guy/gal are both developers. You can be an engineer without doing any programming — in my mind one discipline is not better than any other.

But, you do not program when you write markup, no matter how complicated it is. For it to be programming, it has to be Turing-complete and capable of being run by itself. In fact, in many ways, front-end development sans programming is a lot more interesting and challenging than programming. :)

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