Structured Ideation



— Start with chips and dip: What swaps and substitutions can be made? —

  1. Fruit chips — used fruit chips instead of the typical potato/corn chips
  2. Greek yogurt instead of sour cream — a healthier option with more protein
  3. Banana chips and chocolate dip
  4. Pretzels and frosting — I think some people call this spooey?
  5. Peanut butter-filled pretzels, dipped in jelly
  6. Jelly-filled pretzels dipped in peanut butter
  7. Chocolate cookies dipped in cream frosting
  8. Chocolate cookies dipped in mint frosting
  9. Chocolate cookies dipped in peanut butter
  10. Apples/carrots dipped in peanut butter


— Make new things with peanut butter —

  1. Peanut butter and banana cookies
  2. Peanut sauce — like chocolate or caramel sauce in consistency, but with peanut butter
  3. Peanut-flavored icing/frosting
  4. Peanut chips — instead of chocolate chips
  5. Cheese spread — not just cream cheese, also cheddar/swiss/provolone/etc spread
  6. Apple spread
  7. Banana spread — could also be used as a sweetener
  8. Peanut syrup — to go in tea or coffee
  9. Coconut butter — like peanut or almond butter but with coconut
  10. Oreo®s but with peanut butter instead of frosting


— Start with Nature Valley® granola bars —

  1. Plywood — make gingerbread more sturdy for gingerbread houses
  2. Cement/glue — use material properties from granola bar for eco-friendly housing
  3. Cobbler — use granola in cobblers for better texture
  4. Crumble — use granola in crumbles for better texture
  5. Granola cookies — suitable for dunking in milk to soften
  6. S’mores — they always fall apart anyway so why not?
  7. Crumble it into yogurt — more compact than plain granola
  8. Crumble it into pudding — instead of gram crackers or cookies
  9. Use in fruit salad — like croutons
  10. Cover in pureed fruit — like toast and jelly


— Start with cookies —

  1. Cookie Cake
  2. Cookie pie crusts
  3. Cake toppings
  4. Mostly frosting, little cake
  5. Sell cookie dough on tin trays so you don’t have to arrange them to go in the oven
  6. Sell cookies and milk together
  7. More fruit-based cookies
  8. Sell sugar cookie dough in sheets with cookie cutters and icing included
  9. High protein cookies
  10. Sell cookies in smaller sub-packets within the large package

Put to Other Use

— Start with eggs —

  1. Shampoo
  2. Conditioner
  3. Facial Mask
  4. Paint
  5. Glue
  6. Jewelry — use the shell to make beads or to inlay in other things
  7. use membrane inside the egg shell for a bandage
  8. Nutrient substitutes — the shell is high in calcium, the white is high in protein, and the yolk is high in vitamins
  9. Bath toys — blow the white and yolk out of the shell, and the shell floats in water
  10. Egg shots — make shot-glasses out of egg shells


— Starting with general vegetables —

  1. Pre-salted eggplant — that takes so long
  2. Frozen chopped potatoes
  3. Frozen scalloped potatoes
  4. Dried zuchini chunks for soup
  5. Unusual vegetables come with lists of foods to put them in
  6. Frozen vegetable bag comes with a list of dishes to cook them in
  7. Online grocery shopping lets you get bundles w all the ingredients for an individual dish/meal
  8. Vegetable come half-cooked, so they don’t take as long in the kitchen
  9. Pre-sliced cucumber

10. Peeled orange slices


— Start with guacamole —

  1. Everything can be composted
  2. Put the pit of the avocado in the guacamole to keep it from browning
  3. Serve guacamole using the peel of the avocado as the serving dish
  4. Put avocado in the bread dough instead of on a sandwich
  5. Hide something in the guac and make other people find it
  6. Purple guacamole
  7. Buy ingredients packaged together, so guests can mix the proportions they like
  8. Guacamole Jello, in the avocado skins
  9. Leave the guac to sit too long so it turns back to the peel’s original color
  10. Avocado facial mask

Top Ideas

Table-Based Ideation

Start with Soda Can

Top 10

  1. cookies sold w milk

2. peanut syrup

3. banana chips & chocolate dip

4. lunch mat

5. pb&j in a tube

6. magic potion/mad science juice

7. Portion control

8. peppermint spoons

9. angler fish crackers

10. Cute Hand sanitizer

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