Coffee stained teeth

With breath that reeks of cigarettes & emptiness

A hollow sphere

Dead, translucent, eyes tear into my forehead

As one eye droops under the weight of disappointment

The disappointment.

Her hair is fried and brown

Parted by accident

The rusted, decaying train rumbles by the diner — for a moment shaking the guests in their seats

I bet she has quite the opinion on the fairness of life

“What is your name honey?”

“Not worth your time.” — I mumble through clenched teeth

And not worth mine

I do a fantastic job pissing time away.

Though my time holds value;

Similar to how halloween candy is on sale in November

Americana isn’t dead. It is thriving

Cows produce more meat than ever

And I can’t help but feel the heat of her putrid breath

She lingers, because hints are hard to come by

The diner is nearly empty

But these vinyl seats have heard every story

Red and clinging under the hot summer’s day

they have lived a thousand lives

I haven’t had apple pie in years.

“Jacob, my name is Jacob.”

She unbuttons a button on her tattered grey blouse and leans in to reveal herself in a great wisdom.

The moment passes, and the luster fades.

She was once something, something to behold — now a relic of old

I should really start taking a multivitamin.

Under the table

Under the gum, spit and tears

I feel a hand clasp my knee

This isn’t battle if you are destined to lose

I’ve worked eighty hour weeks for the past year

And now I’m tired

The allure of it all fades pretty quickly

She pulls me in, telling me this is how it is supposed to feel

This is right

Some things you just shouldn’t bother to question

The more I make

The more I spend

But that brand new coffee table sure looks nice

She whispers the faintest promise,

“I can give you everything you want, things you’ve only imagined.”

The price? All I have to do is submit

It is almost too easy

Look left, look right

Everyone else is

This is right. This is what I want, right?

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