Waking up your heart

Every once and while I feel stale, sort of anonymous to myself. It’s a low grade dissociation; a sense that I’m asleep on the inside. A sleeping heart.

At times like that I have a few things that wake me up. I imagine most people have found their go to defibrillator, but the adrenaline does eventually fade.

There is, however, a way to build up the energy and create a reservoir, something more akin to a bubbling well, that will keep things fresh on the inside. To find this fountain of youth, we need to understand why the feelings fade. So, let’s examine a few things that get rid of that stale feeling and tease out the common denominator.

I think you’ll agree, that when Love, Art, and Logic are in play the stale feeling tends to abate. These things all connect us to something at our core — Truth.

We can enjoy a logical conversation or debate, as well as think through an idea. When we are done, we say it’s True.

It’s the same with good literature or a Picasso. There is something that resonates. We may not always agree with others as to what is or isn’t Art, but we can all talk about the things we consider Art.

There is also that sense of resonance with Love: that apple of our eye, our children, our partner, or a fleeting lover. They all ring that bell.

There exists Truth with a capital T, and we know it when we see it and by see it I mean feel it, and it feels good. It’s a feeling that wakes up our heart.

So how can we bottle up the feeling and give it some permanence?

There is a two step process.

First, we need to recognize that Love, Art, Logic are actually forms of mediation.

If you ask most people to tell you what mediation is they are likely to describe someone with legs crossed uttering Om and engaging in some sort of subjective experience. However, meditation is something very objective, at it’s core meditation is “anything that gets you to a feeling of Truth”. As such Love, Art, and Logic are very accessible forms of mediations.

The second step is to understand that meditations are exercises in that they build up a capability. Specifically, the ability to stay connected to Truth. To achieve this you need to pay attention to the feeling of Truth as it happens. In this way you become more and more familiar with this feeling of Truth and your capacity to stay connected increases.

Once you recognize that mediation is all about the feeling of Truth and that it is something you engage in it at almost all times, you can tune in with your attention and fill a reservoir. You can then use your intention to activate the bubbling well at all times.

Love, Art and Logic are just the tip of the iceberg. We are all mystics, we just need to tap into the process. Use your attention to accumulate and intention to activate.