You might be amazed, but I actually used Allegro with C++ nearly two decades ago!

Haha that is pretty amazing! LOL. The IDE is my age… :P I wasn’t sure it was the same ‘Allegro’, but apparently it is in fact the one used by Naughty Dog for Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter, in the late 1990's.
Stop me if you know all of the following… but while I’m here, have you heard that John Carmack is now Lisping?? There’s a quiet Renaissance, slowly brewing… :D

Here’s an Oculus Connect 2 live coding session using racket/base for quick iteration:

My first time seeing him talk about it was a QuakeCon keynote speech, (maybe 2013? not sure,) where he shared his thoughts that perhaps a statically-typed Lisp, (e.g. Racket because the work was being done there,) could be a successful long-term approach for larger and very large fast-iterating game projects. I believe his conclusion was that static typing is more work up front, but immensely superior in extensibility and maintenance, for anything larger than a single-use script.

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