We interviewed ~30 top experts on the next wave of “Smart Cities” and compiled our notes for you

Smart Cities from the Experts

As executive search consultants for TRANSEARCH International, clients trust us to identify their next senior leaders. We identify, attract, and hire executives who align with our client’s long-term strategies. We find executives with the leadership competencies to impact the unique culture of our clients’ organizations. It’s a challenge we enjoy.

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A luxury of our job is that we are routinely networking with executives at the top of their respective fields, giving us the chance to learn about the high-level strategic trends transforming various industries; for example, we recently completed a search for a client expanding their presence in the emerging Smart Cities market. …

Reminders on Humility, Communication, and Generosity from the 16th President

The are some people that seem built for a specific purpose. They are at the right place, at the right time, with the right tools and team at their disposal. Seemingly, everything in their life has been leading up to this moment.

I recently finished reading Team of Rivals, by Dorris Goodwin, and I was struck by how perfect Abraham Lincoln fit the demands of the time. In a moment with such tension, divisiveness, chaos, and bloodshed, he exemplified the calm, humble leader with a genuine love for his fellow Americans we revere.

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Reactions to the Gillette Ad


When I saw the Gillette Ad released last week, I felt a sense of optimism. Slowly but surely, major brands have started taking notice and trying to influence the conversation around toxic masculinity.

The ad depicts men of various ages, races, and backgrounds displaying many common “masculine” behaviors — grilling, roughhousing, mansplaining, bullying, sexual harassment, sexual assault, etc. etc. All the while, there’s a pervasive emphasis on reflection — sometimes literally, as men look into a mirror or a child — a younger reflection of themselves, and sometimes figuratively as the men contemplate their behavior.

Towards the end of the ad, some of the men are shown stepping out of the crowd of other men to demonstrate “positive masculinity” — stopping a child from being bullied, encouraging a young daughter to assert herself, holding back another man from harassing a passing woman, and facilitating reconciliation between rivals. …


Jacob Kerr

Helping orgs find their Hamilton or Daenerys by day… Building @AlumniVentures by night. Every strategy, change, mission starts with people! @NorthwesternU '17

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