You’re videos are sh*t. Let me tell you why.

According to a google search I just did, on average people in the US spend an average of 40 minutes on Youtube, 35 minutes on Facebook, 25 minutes on Snapchat, and 15 minutes on Instagram everyday. As Youtube moves more toward replacing traditional cable TV, and Facebook has become our main source of news, I wasn’t surprised to see these two at the top. However, when I first saw this stat I couldn’t believe that people are spending more time on Snapchat than Instagram. I’ve had an Instagram account basically since they launched in 2010 and I’ve seen it grow and change before my eyes. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, the ebb and flow of trends, and how the software has changed and dictated the content made with it.

The trouble with creating online content is having a unique perspective towards each platform. Here’s how we do things at Black Cat, and how you should be creating your content…

  1. Survey the platform

Start following companies in your industry that are already making content, and doing a damn good job at it. Watch them, note what they do and what they don’t. I spend about 2 hours everyday just researching Instagram trends for video and media companies. This knowledge in priceless.

2. Find your message and brainstorm how to present it

When you’ve found your message, the important thing to remember is that each platform should have its own version of whatever content you’re making. Those “share to Facebook” options in Instagram and Twitter will ruin your career as a marketer. Based off the research you’ve already done, what nuances should change when posting a video on Facebook versus Instagram? What types of content (photo, video, motion graphics, etc) are most engaging to your clients?

3. Finally, maximize your content creation for the most return

If you’re thinking about marketing in this way, you probably are a marketing or communications professional and don’t necessarily have the chops to crank out professional high quality video, photo, and motion graphics work. Hiring a professional creator may seem like a pretty penny, but working with someone like Black Cat Studio will maximize your investment. We at Black Cat (and many other creative agencies) have a system in place to give you the most content we can afford to while also limiting the cost. It’s through the strategy and planning of the time actually spend creating the content that we’re able to do this.

I want to thank you all for reading this, and hope you’ll consider coming back for future posts. We value and appreciate your time.