Day 21-Node and Fetch

Our backend experience has officially started. Today we started utilizing Node.js. I’d like to say that I took a lot out of it and that I have a better appreciation of backend developers but….that’s a bold face lie. The biggest things that we covered were using node in the terminal instead of a browser to check our work and then the use of modules. All of that super important, but it’s a baby step. Our daily assignment was to actually use two install packages and go through and print out various information using the packages. So for example “It is Monday, August 14 2017 4:30 pm”. And the entire date was to be using moment in our JS. It got more and more complicated as you go down. Not the worst experience but I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune tomorrow.

Struggles: Fetch. It’s one thing to go “hey this is what you can do to get data” and then another to go “this isn’t going to work spend 12 hours kicking it and we’ll help you at some point”. I literally can’t do anything else on this project until I figure out why nothing is showing up. Super annoying.

Understood: Mostly understood the beginnings of Node.js. Note how I put “beginnings of Node.js”. I’m sure this will ramp us in the next day or so.

Looking forward to: Fixing this API!!!!

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