Day 32 — SQL ❤

Did you know that SQL loves you? It does. Not as much as your mother, soul mate, best friend, someone that gave you a polite nod, your next door neighbor that you think is named…Joy?, or a cat. But it loves you.

You know how I know that…it’s not Node with Mongo/Mongoose. It’s clean. It’s simple. It takes me 10 minutes to complete the daily activity because it’s logical.

Our activity for today was a continuation from yesterday. Add 20 new rows to the database and then to query on the results. All but one I did in one fell swoop. The one that required a bit more work was mainly me trying to find out to do it on a higher level.

Fortunately the shift to the work has been great for my afternoons. I can actually spend more time going over the work from the previous week and try to piecemeal what I missed, didn’t get at all, and what I just need more practice with (cough…testing..cough).

Rest assured with SQL present, I’m aces for the time being.

Why yes you can…yes. you. can

Struggles: Still pretty much everything from last week. Yes it’s likely that I’ll never have to touch Mongo down the road, that doesn’t mean I don’t want my work to be perfect. I want to be able to show off what I did for the entire time here. To have something “meh” not so cool.

Also, I really want to get how to accurately use BETWEEN and interval for date returns within my SQL query. Documentation really isn’t helpful at the moment.

Understood: SQL!

Looking forward to: Putting in some real progress on the weekly project. Was already able to fix some issues from a few other projects so this brief lull has been a true blessing.