Day 65/66 — Job Hunt/Prep and Project Update

So what are my actual job skills as a graduate of The Iron Yard Academy? I honestly don’t know. It’s somewhere comparable to someone that has between 0 and 5 years of experience and can be considered full-stack. There are three issues right there: 0 is no experience, that range is massive, and unless it’s a start up not a ton of people are hired for full-stack.

Basically we’ve been encouraged to apply to anything that’s 3 to 5 years. The response back has been, in the few that actually respond, “you don’t have the qualifications”. So really the best shot at a job has been for junior developer positions, which are few and far between. Most companies are looking for senior software engineers. A position that is apparently always in demand and with an extreme shortage.

So in my daily look for job while trying to figure out parts of the capstone project I saw at one of the prospective companies that I want to work for the following:

“Software Engineer (all levels/all locations) — Full Stack”

“Awesome! That’s me! I’m some sort of junior mid. I can do full stack. And I live somewhere that they have an office!”

So of course I click on the link thinking joy will come my way to see:

“We are seeking a *Senior-level Full Stack Software Engineer to join our Engineering team”.

Way to take the wind out of my sail. So of course I applied but I expect an “you don’t meet the minimum requirements” email at some point in three weeks. Actually moments later I got an automated email thanking me for applying and that they would reach out if I’m a fit. Which is better than waiting and hearing nothing.

There’s always the possibility of applying for a position somewhere and do coding work on the side to keep my skills up to date. So that may be my path.

As far as job prep goes, I feel like I’ve interviewed a ton, but actually only a few times. I’ve not really gotten feedback for the most part but I keep thinking all the interviews I’ve had have gone relatively well.

The big one, and the one I’m eagerly waiting on, is for the apprenticeship. Mainly because it’s a good culture fit and I would learn a ton within probably the first few weeks with them. But that one seems like it will be awhile before it opens up and…bills…we all have them. Though truth be told if I knew I had the spot I’d probably be pretty pumped and start prepping by trying to get even deeper into Ruby on Rails.

I think we need like weeks to get this into a spot for demoing it. We’re all focused on our own minuscule things and we don’t really do code review to check others work. Plus we have our lives creeping back into play. For instance I need to pick up my kid early from daycare, a job employment meeting, vet visit, etc. all this week. This all takes time away from actually coding.

What we really need is no distractions and some hard line dates then maybe, just maybe we can get closer than where we are. Small tasks and goals help but man it’s been brutal trying to focus.

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