Week 3 — Fretless and The Great British Baking Show

So I wanted to take some time to review what this week has essentially been like and I thought it best to refer to some things that happened this week that put it all in perspective.

The first that I already referred to was this:

I took a lot from that day and it’s honestly switched things around for me for my attitude. It’s helped tremendously in resetting me in my mental attitude towards everything. Honestly doing this blog has been super helpful. Because of that I’ve decided to burst out of my shell a bit and embrace what is actually happening. Then today happened and it validated some of the struggles I’ve been facing and how I can fit in the tech community.

So today I spent the morning attempting to get some things today in my code, fixed a couple items, and just went out to say “I don’t get this and this and this” with the instructors. They were incredibly supportive and appreciated me saying “I don’t get it”. It’s validated my concerns and made me feel great to share it. Then we had a guest speaker about freelancing which I was super pumped to hear about, mainly because freelancing fits my family’s lifestyle. If I could do a contract, earn some, and use the money to pay off things and stay at home being a house husband would be great. So our presenters were from a company called Fretless. Thus their website here:

Although I don’t know them personally, I want to work with them one day. Not just because they talked for nearly two hours and were entertaining, but because they’re attitude about development in the area is fantastic. They went on about what it means to move up as a Senior Developer: technology, leadership, and community. I can’t do justice to their presentation but the thing that hit me was community and how much it means to them.

That hit me big time. It made me want to, and will, be part of the community that they have helped grow within Indianapolis.

This also connected to another component that they brought up: not competing with my cohort at The Iron Yard but just being the best I can and striving to get better and better. That hit deep.

Which led me to wanting to connect better to my cohort because they’re in it for the same thing; to learn how to be a developer and be apart of something bigger. Also…they aren’t dicks. They are good people that just want to be good at this. Which when I shared this with my wife she said “so basically it’s The Great British Baking Show.

And they typically do…

For those that don’t watch TGBBS it’s amazing. It’s a baking show that is not common to American television. It’s a competition show but with a weird twist. They just want to do a good job. There’s no vileness, animosity, cruelty, nothing. Just a vast desire to be their very best and if possible help others when they’re struggling with their own. It’s literally just a group of people trying to be their personal best and it’s just refreshing.

The reason why that matters is I’m not the best in the group. Not even the second best. And based on what the Fretless guys said “don’t compare yourself to others” just reinforced that. I don’t get everything but I’m not alone in that. I just want to be good at it and to be better and better and better. That being said sometimes I see a couple people in our group just kicking ass and at this point…I don’t hate them any more for it. They, for whatever reason, get it better than me, and some others, at the moment.

Some people just can’t help showing off

And for what it’s worth, they aren’t dicks about it. They honestly are in it for the same thing, to be good at it and get better. They also will drop whatever code they are working on to help explain something…to any one. Which makes them pretty cool in that regard.

One final note about this week, struggling with others. After Wednesday a few of us turned around and noted that we all felt that way. Then today someone noted that they read this and they said it helped them. I’ve been pretty self conscious about posting because frankly…it’s a bit raw to admit that you feel like you suck. It’s kind of awesome to think that someone felt better about it all because of this rambling.

Here’s to another week down.