Announcing Shasta’s investment in Unblockable

I’m thrilled to announce Shasta Ventures investment in Unblockable, where I will be joining the Board of Directors. Unblockable is building the platform that empowers fans to buy, sell, and use blockchain based digital collectibles. It combines the collectability of traditional sports collectibles, the utility of virtual goods, and the game play of fantasy sports, strategy games and more.

As an investor in Emerging Platforms broadly, I look for product opportunities in new technology paradigms that have a chance to drive vast consumer adoption of the new technology. Looking at technology shifts of paradigms past, it’s apparent that consumer products in gaming, messaging and communication, and social sharing are some of the first to grow, and have the greatest opportunity to create category defining products that result in very large companies. Taking advantage of the features of a new native platform enables companies and products to create and capture value in a new way, especially in the earliest days.

Like I do in VR and AR, in blockchain I look for opportunities to reach consumers in new ways through native technology and user experiences that enable consumers to realize unique value that can only be provided through this new technology paradigm. In blockchain, what better way to reach consumers than through approachable products like athletes, teams and entertainment that they already love. Blockchain, specifically non-fungible tokens, uniquely enables value to be ascribed to digital assets like never before where incentives are aligned between player, league, IP owner, token holder and platform provider to create a distributed economy of value, liquidity and daily use.

I couldn’t be more excited to invest behind the Unblockable team, a unique combination of technology and product expertise, with deep sports and entertainment industry knowledge. CEO Jeb Terry brings a lifetime of sports IP experience as a former NFL player (TB Buccaneers & SF 49ers), and sports tech entrepreneur turned emerging technology executive at Fox Sports. The technology and product team of Greg Dean, Kedric Van de Carr and Eben Smith are a team of entrepreneurs I have known for over a decade who bring complementary skill sets in product development, product growth, and unique aspects of gamification to bear.

This combination of people is simply unblockable, and on behalf of our entire team at Shasta Ventures we are so excited to be backing you!

Here is their debut post on TechCrunch by Anthony Ha.

— I invest in Emerging Platforms at Shasta Ventures, specifically technologies bridging the digital and physical worlds including AR/VR, computer vision, robotics and blockchain. If you’re working on something interesting in these spaces I’d love to chat with you. Find me on twitter @jacob.

Partner at Shasta Ventures investing in Smart Software: Applied AI, Computer Vision, Blockchain, and Financial Services.

Partner at Shasta Ventures investing in Smart Software: Applied AI, Computer Vision, Blockchain, and Financial Services.