Inventing the Camera Experience Manager — thrilled to announce Shasta’s investment in Camera IQ

Today, on behalf of Shasta Ventures, I’m thrilled to announce our leading investment in Camera IQ, where I have joined the Board of Directors, and my first investment at Shasta.

Camera IQ is the first “Camera Experience Manager” in this #CameraFirst world, helping marketers create new experiences that users will explore through their mobile lenses — the smartphone today, wearable glasses in the future. Camera IQ unlocks a new, direct relationship with an audience, enabling a deeper level of intimacy for some of the world’s largest brands and companies as they reach users transitioning to an augmented world.

As I’ve written before, I couldn’t be more excited about this transition to a #CameraFirst world where our computers open their eyes:

“Combined, this means that every day two billion people carry around an optical data input device — the smartphone Camera — connected to supercomputers and informed by massive amounts of data that can have nearly limitless context, position, recognition and direction to accomplish tasks.” — from “The Great Camera Awakening — the incredible opportunities emerging in Computer Vision, at the intersection of the Camera & AI

The Camera IQ team, led by visionary CEO Allison Wood has been thinking about user interactions in this new combined world of the physical and digital for years. As a digital artist, Assistant Professor at Pratt Institute, and early pioneer creating AR experiences for Coachella and Nieman Marcus, she is a native in this #CameraFirst world.

She is joined by co-founder Sonia Tsao who brings tuned executive business execution and keen marketing strategy, along with an incredible team of engineers, product builders, marketers and sales people who are focused on creating a great user experience for customers in Media, E-commerce, Travel & Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Construction, Healthcare, even Enterprise Software.

If you are a company looking to create amazing new #CameraFirst experiences for your users or customers, please reach out.

Here’s to the future Allison & Sonia, all of us at Shasta Ventures are thrilled to be a part of your extended team and we look forward to supporting you in building a transformative company in this incredible new market.

I’m on Twitter @jacob. Join us for upcoming AR & VR meet ups at

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