Investing in 8thWall — the modern platform for building #CameraFirst Mobile AR

Today I’m excited to announce Shasta’s investment in 8th Wall, as a part of our Shasta Camera Fund initiative! 8th Wall is the modern developer platform designed to solve the needs to today’s Augmented Reality creators to enable fantastic AR experiences across all mobile devices.

Before you have world changing applications you need the tools to build them, and while there are a number of exciting AR experiences today, the 3D developer tools that exist to build these applications were built nearly a decade ago and lack many of the unique demands posed by today’s Augmented Reality and real-time computer vision needs. ARKit and ARCore are great baseline platforms but still ask the developer to uniquely build some relatively standard aspects that exist in all AR experiences.

The team’s focus is two fold, one, enabling great AR experiences on any iOS or Android device (not only those with the latest ARKit & ARCore functionality) by tapping into the mobile device’s camera and inertial sensors directly, and two, providing APIs for important aspects of an AR experience including lighting, surface detection, texturing, 3D tracking, and more to come. Erik and the team’s prior computer vision expertise at Google and Facebook is key to their ability to distill much of the complexity into one easy-to-use developer platform.

Today, 8th Wall enables great AR experiences to be run on over 2.5 billion mobile devices, setting the stage for some great companies to be built. I’m looking forward to a bright future of truly native augmented reality experiences that blend our perception of the reality — both digital and physical — that exist around us. If you’re building one of these experiences, please get in touch!

Hat tip to Peter Rojas of Betaworks Ventures for introducing me to to Erik and the 8th Wall team.